Sanhita Festival (Day 1397)

By 9 August, 2018Uncategorized

Sanhita Manch Festival is an initiative by the Being Association which solely strives to create social awareness through theatre. Mumbai is the cultural hub of India that offers opportunities to all who get attracted to theatrical pursuits. Hindi literature might not date back to a very long forgotten era, but post-independence contemporary times have been a witness to its creative rise and development.

In the present scenario, the emerging writers always struggle to get noticed. Being Association aims at bringing new original theatre scripts to the readers and these plays include Harus Marus, a satire where the writer literally creates a mob of rats in search of food comparing it to the human life compelled to choose a life of rat over human life. Pashmina enlightens us on Kasmir by introducing us to Amar and Vibha Saxena, a close to retirement couple looking for a pashmina shawl and the discoveries that follow and finally Abhi Nahi Hoga Mera Antt is inspired from the life of poet Surya Kant Tripathi ‘Nirala’.