Rang Gurjari (Day 1266)

By 19 January, 2018Uncategorized

After the success of plays like Mareez, Master Phoolmani, Mohan’s Masala, Karl Marx in Kalbadevi, Dr. Anandibai – Like, Comment, Share, Hun Chandrakant Bakshi, Ideas Unlimited, director – Manoj Shah and Nehru Centre come together again in another exploration in theatre.


Gujarati theatre has survived every challenge posed by the performing world and emerged a winner and the proof of that is Manoj Shah’s new play Rang Gurjari. Unusually structured the play is designed to retell the history of Gujarati theatre and the narrator is who else but Lord Indra and Bharat Muni, the creator of Natya Shastra.


The time machine travels from the mythological dramas to Bhavai and the emergence of the urban Bhaangwadi, the influences of Sanskrit, Parsi comedies and Persian adaptations on Gujarati stage. Appropriately titled Ooncha Maylo Parogaram will present the entire journey of Gujarati Theatre from 14th century till present times.


Written by Satya Mehta and directed by Satchit Puranik the play premiers in Muumbai on 24 Jaunuary.