Radio Diaries Day 3: Vibrating with music (Day 1210)

By 1 November, 2017Uncategorized

There is no written script for these regular shows and all the chatting you listen to driving in your car is extempore.  All the RJs do their preparations practically without any assistance. Post the show they edit and post editing they have to get ready for their next show. They have little or no social life especially the morning RJ because he has to go bed early in order to make it to the studio at 6 the following morning.

There are executive producers for every show who are facilitators for the RJs and they report to work before the RJs to make certain that everything inside the recording room is in order. The producer is closely connected to the Program head and so any changes in placement of news/ songs/ announcements are in order to not take the RJ by a surprise.  The producers observe crazy hours often without a break and in desperate situations even do double shifts.

3.b. wed

You can never make out from their voice but the RJs face more challenges than they can cope so the next time you find your favourite RJ not up to the mark, don’t complain, empathize! Things are not always as demanding and despite the pressures, they have a lot of fun too. Some take respite chatting with a colleague in between links, some call up beloveds; some order a strong cup of coffee.

3.c. wedThe office has a great atmosphere, informal, invigorating and vibrating with music. The air-condition temperatures are hysterical and the girls are always wrapped in shawls, but they are all the time to smile and singing too. It means they are happy! Mobiles are always on silent and they hop from cubicle to cubicle ideating in one meeting after another, always on the move and energetic.

To be continued…