Radio Diaries Day 3: Ceos, cameras and microphones (Day 1211)

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Somewhere at a little distance is the CEO’s plush cabin filled with artefacts and overlooking a buzzing street. Nobody ever gets to meet him because he is forever in a meeting either in the boardroom, his cabin, and five-star hotels, in a different city or out of the country. His presence looms large in the atmosphere though as the team goes about their routine, day after day, year after year, 24×7…

4.b. thu

I was introduced to the world of the web by my friend Indranil Maitra that time Vice President, Digital Services. Indranil asked me to do Hindi film reviews on their website. I said yes and I was exposed to a new world.  I learnt that unlike the radio where I’m granted 45 seconds to process my thoughts on the web I’m allowed longer duration. Also while chatting on the radio is about communication, on the net, it is about narrating what you have written effectively.

4.c. thu

In the end, both the mediums are about voice projection and befriending the microphone and because I recorded for the net from home I had to be careful about controlling surround sounds, I had to  switch off all electrical gadgets in the room, shut the windows  and keep lose sheets because turning paper is invasive as well. Last, check your breathing patterns, because of the microphone like the camera, is very sharp and captures everything, your flaws and strengths, your highs and lows!