Radio Diaries Day 2: Voice Is The Identity (Day 1209)

By 31 October, 2017Uncategorized

Gradually I got accustomed to my weekly visits to the channel office and meeting more and more people. The program team worked out a schedule for my film reviews and very soon a new show aptly titled Big Bollywood Chaat was introduced for the Sunday listeners. One show led to another and then another and more till I was fully consumed by the magic of the broadcast. Earlier I was recognized as a byline now people associated me with my voice and style of speaking, it was all very interesting.

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Now that I have spent a couple of years before the microphone I thought it was time for me to share my observations on the medium. I discovered for instance that radio is faster than television or print medium even though it is a showcasing of the word, thought and voice. I’m granted 40 seconds to process and articulate my thoughts on a film before the RJ moves on to the next link and song.

2. a. tue

The medium of communication is Hindi in order to reach out to a wider audience and all conversations have to be topical and engaging. Songs by themselves can become monotonous and that’s where the RJ comes in. Every RJ has his/her unique style of connecting with their listeners. At BigFM Siddharth is our morning host, Rani comes in the afternoon and Dileep arrives in the evening.


On the surface what they do appears very simple but talking is not the only job RJs do.   Sitting inside a freezing cold studio in front of a gigantic machine the RJs juggle with multiple tracks like music, advts, endorsements, slogans and teasers. It is a tough job because the slightest mistake ruins the links and overlaps the shows. What’s further commendable is that all of them edit it on the spot.


To be continued…