PT Diary/ Day 06/ Iron and other plays (Day 1220)

By 13 November, 2017Uncategorized

Today is showing Iron where Josie is visiting her mother Fay, serving life for murder for the first time in fifteen years and both are haunted by memories and frightened of what is to follow. Rage Productions cast includes Shernaz Patel, Dilnaz Irani, Meher Acharia-Dhar and Kenny Desai. Written by Rona Munro and directed by Arghya Lahiri.

13. ii. nov. IronThe winter has set in and the evenings at Prithvi Café are more than comfortable. Sitting at the black table I often overhear conversations of people discussing plays, actors, movies.  This is probably the only place in Mumbai where stature does not matter and nobody is mobbed. Superstars mix with struggling directors and discuss ideas, which is why successful actors and directors even after making big in movie business keep returning to Prithvi for the real theatre experience.


To be continued…