Postcard from Heaven: RK – Day 1808

On the first day of the week as I sat before the computer, wondering what I was going to write about, a photographer friend sent me two timely images which I would like to describe as Postcards from Heaven. Sometimes, unknowingly, some people send you memories that help you draw closure to a festering wound. This picture was taken after my recording with Neetu Kapoor on her birthday at her now demolished bungalow Krishna. Daughter Riddhima was visiting home and joined the interview to wish her mother but it was a task to convince little Samara to be a part of the generation picture. She agreed after a lot of persuasions. It is eighteen days since Rishi Kapoor has left the family but where ever he is, he knows there is enough love amidst all of them to find strength and carry on…The second image I will share tomorrow.