Masoom – 1983
Producer – Devi Duttdesigner-img-1
Director – Shekhar Kapoor
Costumes – Shabana Azmi

The character was based on a socialite in Delhi and I chose silks to suit the capital weather. The brief was to present her upper class and cheerful so I dressed her is sarees for formal wear and kaftans at home.


  • Thomos Grye says:

    Sridevi is a legendary actress and undoubtedly one of the best actresses ever. A dancer with impeccable timing, she could do intense, emotional roles, a comedy turn and even with equal aplomb. Sridevi RIP. In our hearts, she’ll forever be, the Queen of Bollywood.

  • Purnima says:

    Bhawanaji, I always wanted to know wher you sourced Shabana Azmi’s kaftans from in Masoom. Theyre so in vogue even today after so many years. Please share the details. I would greatly appreciate it.

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