Pooja: Shooting Sir with Dad – Day 2065

By 22 September, 2021Uncategorized

After dropping Kiran Bhatt to the hospital, Mahesh Bhatt with little Pooja in his arms, parked at his friend UG Krishnamurthy’s home, which was a stone throw from the hospital. Pooja remembers sleeping on the couch in the living room of Krishnamurthy while the two men kept awake chatting all night.

“In the morning” recalls Pooja, “Dad carried me to the hospital to meet me my baby brother and I suddenly felt grown up. In the coming years I felt Sunny grew up faster than me and was the first to warn my parents when I was up to mischief.  When I started smoking, it was Sunny who complained to dad. He was furious and to make matters worse, we were shooting together the next day.

We were driving for the shooting of Sir to Mukesh Mills and I could sense dad was upset with me. On arriving at the location, he fired all his assistants and actors; and blamed them for my smoking. I was embarrassed by his outburst and escaped to my make-up room. Chachu Mukesh Bhatt entered my room, spotted an ash-tray and screamed like he had spotted a snake! It was a crazy day and phase, but the best thing about close relationships is that the worst phases pass and loved ones continue to care.

To be continued