Pooja: Growing up wasn’t traumatic – Day 2066

By 23 September, 2021Uncategorized

My parents split when my brother and I were kids but growing up was far from traumatic. My parents remain friends and there’s no hostility amongst all the children. Shaheen, Soni Razdan’s older daughter shares the most unusual bond with my mom. My baby sister Aalya played my childhood in Tamanna, she was only three-year-old at that time but delivered a perfect take. When the unit applauded her, she was unaffected, she turned to dad and said, ‘Its pack up for me’.

Travelling is the best way to know people, I traveled with my baby brother Sunny when he was an adolescent on my shooting and he was totally in charge of me and the trip. I am not demonstrative to either my mother or brother but they know that I love them dearly. With dad I’m vocal and as I grow older, respect him as a professional and not just my hero! I can tell him anything and he will take it. There is no one like dad in this entire world and I don’t need a special day to say I love him.”