Pooja Bhatt cooked with pain – Day 2064

By 21 September, 2021Uncategorized

Dad said it was the beginning of a new phase for me and he was right. I turned calmer, more self-reliant now. Earlier, I was frightened of being alone, now I enjoyed my company. Dad said it was because I was cooked with pain, he is always right because he reads me the best”.

Pooja Bhatt always sounded like her father and now has become a replica of Mahesh Bhatt. “That’s true, the older I get, the more I feel like him. Dad got irritated when people did not measure up to his intensity, now I feel exasperated when people don’t measure up to my intensity. Sometimes, I feel that children are the best company because they don’t ask questions. I remember the day my little brother Sunny was born. Mom and dad were talking in whispers, and then Dad woke me up, said, ‘Pooja wake up, the time has come’.

To be continued