Offering to Deity (Day 1523)

By 6 February, 2019Uncategorized

The aarti time of any temple is sacrosanct and cannot be disturbed. Devotees of Srinathji come day after day at the allotted time to participate in the aarti. It is the most precious moment of the day and the purest. The pundit lights a galaxy of lamps and offers it to all the deities clanging the bell simultaneously.

Post the aarti is again darshan time and today they do a special gesture for me and my book Keshava A Magnificent Obsession. The book is offered to Srinathji amidst sacred chanting and then released from a silken cover. As the author of the book, I am garlanded and asked to say a few words. I am speechless when I wrote the book I had never in my wildest imagination dreamt that I would get to be so close to Srinathji idol. This is indeed a special day.


To be continued…