Navratri Day 7-8 (Day 1187)

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Day seven is called Saptami and is associated with Devi Kaalratrii also known as Devi Bhadrakali. The Goddess is darker than the night and is both flawless and fearless. Her throat exudes fire and her moth exhales smoke. She has three eyes and multiple arms and rides on a donkey. She is also referred to as Devi Shubbalakshami because she is auspicious and her arrival ends darkness and brings joy.  The puja associated with Devi Bhadrakali is called Maha Saptami Puja.

devi extraDay eight is called Ashtami associated with Goddess Gauri. It is said that Devi Gauri spent many decades in worshipping Mahadev and proposing marriage to him. During these years she was tanned and weather beaten but when Lord Shiva touched her she transformed into her natural colour once again and was purer than Ganga and therefore named Gauri. Devi Gauri carries damrru in one hand and Trishul in her other hand. She rides on a buffalo and is the most powerful of all the goddesses. It is said those who pray to her are wiped of all their past sins. The puja associated with Devi Gauri is called maha Ashtami Puja.