Navratri Day 1-2 (Day 1184)

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The festival of Navratri is to invoke the Goddess and seek her blessings to eradicate all the perils from our lives. Different states have a different way of celebrating the festival. Up North, Navratri is usually associated with fast and Jagrata in honor of the Goddess

Day one is called Ekum and is associated with Devi Shail Putri who possesses the powers of the trio – Lord Bhrama, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahadev. She rides on a Vrisshab and carries a Trishul. The pot is brought home on Ekum.

Day two is called Dooj and is associated with Devi Bhramacharini, she is forever in meditation and therefore unusually calm. She carries the beads in one hand and the other carries a pot. The puja associated with Devi Brahmachari is called Ghatta Sthapna.