My father is my hero- Sanjna Kapoor part 1 (Day 1550)

By 18 March, 2019Uncategorized

In 2012 Sanjana Kapoor decided it was time to move on and launched Junoon Theatre with partner Sameera Iyengar. In 2019 Junoon Theatre completes seven long years.

It has been a year since Shashi Kapoor passed away and his only daughter Sanjna Kapoor turns emotional as she discusses the influence of father Shashi Kapoor in shaping her obsession for theatre.


How does your dad react to the many changes in your career?

My father remained an enormous pillar of strength to me over the last 22 odd years whilst I worked through my various dreams and ideas at Prithvi and elsewhere as well. He was always my most faithful and most critical audience.

He never failed to praise me when I deserved and guided me in everything I did be it working with School for the Blind or hosting The Amul India Show in the good old days. He pointed out that I needed to check my breathing when microphone is pinned on to me.  He always had constructive observations that helped our functioning at Prithvi Theatre.


Wasn’t it his idea to initiate summertime programs with children?

Yes, and it was a huge success and I continue with the idea even now under our new banner Junoon as Arts at Play Summertime. For years, he would make it a point to be present at the workshop there on the last day and hand out the certificates to all participants. Later in private, he would share his observations on their talent and guide me how to help them. The children looked forward to his advice and blessings. It was a special moment for all of us.


He was always present on 28 February for the annual celebrations.

Yes and that was the only time, he addressed the audience because it is my mother’s birthday. Long ago, we decided that we would celebrate Maa’s birthday with a performance of Ustad Zakir Hussain who my mother adored and Zakir saab has reserved this date in his calendar forever. It is a special date for the family and Prithvi Theatre lovers.


To be continued