Multiple Images (Day 1080)

By 26 April, 2017Event

You can tell what a writer is thinking from his books and screenplay; similarly, it is easy to read an artiste’s mind from his paintings.  On the surface, many of Husain paintings appear a collection of images but the juxtaposed familiar places and faces reflect a thought process.  It is a comment on what he feels about those turbulent times or about his surroundings.

26.4.17combined 1

So many of these immortal images on popular walls of popular buildings stand testimony of his endurance, of what happened many years ago…Today, as his well-wishers make sincere attempts to resurrect old images, the artist is probably smiling down from the heaven and smiling.

 For those keen on a closer view of the paintings, you may contact Sunil Paragaria 9820017887

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