Mohanlal plays an animal for Odiyan (Day 1401)

By 14 August, 2018Uncategorized

Mohanlal’s upcoming Malyalam film Odiyan is the most anticipated films in recent times because it is based on the subject of shape shifting which means a situation where men can transform themselves into a different creature. The Odiyan community existed in Kerala before electricity was discovered.  The film’s protagonist Mohanlal will be seen ageing from 30 to 60 and also transforming into different animals.


While the special effects will be done by NY VFXwaala, Ajay Devgn’s VFX Company, Hollywood stunt master Peter Hein has been hired to choreograph the stunts. Directed by VA Shrikumar, the film budget is said to be estimated1000 Crore.


Odiyan starring Manju Warrier and Prakash Rai will be released on 11 October 2018 in Malyalam and dubbed in Hindi.