Meeting the Prime Minister (Day 1077)

By 21 April, 2017Event

In show business, actors believe that the best rehearsal can never match the final take and this proves true for the civilian awards today. Post ceremony and pictures, we proceed for the refreshments in the adjoining room and we are in for a surprise as the President, hands folded and escorted by his guards’ walks down the corridor and back so that he can greet all the assembled guests. A few minutes later, Prime Minister follows the same exercise and I am privileged to chat with him for a few moments.

21.04.2017 iiTill now, every time I was asked how I felt to be singled out for a Padma honour, I had blushed and shied away from attention. Now, with the awesome scroll and the medal in my bag, I want to say, ‘It is a privilege to be honored by my country!’

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