Medical Camp & Doctors (Day 1129)

I am surprised that a small place like this can offer all the facilities to the poor and the needy.  A voluntary group of able doctors and experts drive every weekend to Ganeshpuri to organise a nonprofit camp to treat the locals free of charge. A large room divided into four sections addresses all kinds of problems be it blood pressure, diabetes, knee joint pain and even more serious issues. The locals stand in an organised line and are led to respective sections by volunteers. When they finish consultations they are led to the medicine desk and this goes on from morning till evening.

The camp is clean and well maintained and all problems of the patients are needed to sensitively.  I speak to the doctors and to the moving force behind the camp, he says he wants to do more for the locals and is in the process of collecting resources in order to dream big.  On our way out I spoke to some locals waiting in the queue, if they were satisfied with the medical attention and all of them express gratitude, say that it is because of the local camp they don’t have to travel out of Ganeshpuri to seek a doctor or medicines. So much of good work and so quietly in a small town of Maharashtra and people like us living in Maharashtra don’t know anything about it.

(To be continued)

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