Many avtaars of Keshava (Day 1331)

By 16 May, 2018Books

We are all projections of other people’s perceptions. I am no exception.

Some perceive me as a child avatar. For them I am Balagopala…Balakrishna.

Some view me as an eternal traveller. For them I am Banke Bihari.

I was always there and will continue to be there.

When I renounce my body the surviving part of me will prevail amongst the five ingredients of nature.


The sixth will be the heart of human beings.


I will be drawn to anyone who pulls me in in his direction and provides me space in his heart.

I have narrated in the Bhagavad Gita that among the elephants I am Airavata, among trees I am Peepala, among the rivers I am Ganga and among the cows I am Kamadhenu.


To be continued

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