MAMI 417 Miles – Day 932

By 11 October, 2016Films

mami-logo-menuFormer college buddies, Tanveer and Srinivasan, have lost touch over the years. Tanveer, a 9 to 5 Silicon Valleyite, lives a very western, suburban life. Srinivasan is an emerging director of independent cinema in Mumbai. On learning that Srinivasan’s latest film has been invited to a festival in Los Angeles, Tanveer offers to drive him there. On their road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, they realize that even though their paths in life have diverged widely, some things have not changed. The journey down the Pacific Coast highway is a journey of discovery.

Directed by Mainak Dhar who started as an AD to filmmaker Prakash Jha during the making of Gangajaal before moving to Los Angeles with the goal of watching as many movies as possible during the next few years and he did. Life and love happened to Dhar simultaneously. He became an editor and then filmmaker of a short film Honk for Steve inspired from a neighborhood character. Dhar plans to make three zero budget films in the next three years and 417 Miles is the first in the series.



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