Mahesh Bhatt turns 73 – Day 2063

By 20 September, 2021Uncategorized

Mahesh Bhatt turns seventy-three on 20 September 2021 and he hates celebrating his birthday, so I pick on his daughter Pooja Bhatt to reminisce about Bhatt and their family. Pooja told me she turned producer because her father told her that the only way to make films you believe in is to launch your own production, so the day Pooja found a script she felt passionately about, she announced her banner. 

The first lesson she learnt as a producer was to approve of the best script. The second lesson was to believe in the script till the end. “I chose Tamanna as my debut production fully aware that it will not be a commercial grosser but I’d rather begin artistic than ambitious and my father supported me. To shoot the film in Seychelles was chachu Mukesh Bhatt’s idea and we could do this because we shot four films Dastak, Papa Kahte Hain, Fareb and Tamanna together at the island…

To be continued