Mahayoddha Rama must for kids – Day 955

By 3 November, 2016Films

Mahayoddha Rama


Film: Mahayodha Rama

Producer: Contiloe Films
Director: Rohit Vaid

Music: Aadesh Srivastav

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Stars: 3.5

Animation films take a long time to be made, so has Mahayoddha Rama but despite being in the making for a rather long time is far from outdated.  What makes the film unusual is that his is the first time that Lord Rama, the Indian hero from the Vedas is presented from Ravana’s perspective.

Ravan was called Dashanand because he was the owner of ten heads and Rohit Vaid is probably the first writer director who has as made effort to unravel the ten different characters as a result we are introduced to many shades of Ravan interacting with each other and expertly emoted by different artists like Gaurav Gera, Roshan Abbas, Ameen Sayani, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Kikku Shardha and Gulshan Grover as the main villain.

There are four reasons to watch Mahayoddha Rama. It is contemporary and breaks stereotypes in costumes, attitude and dialogues as a result Rama and Laxman are dudes with designer haircuts and Goddess Sita is empowered and far from the damsel in distress. The content is refreshing and skips the mundane and melodrama and believe it or not Ravana is actually likeable.

All the artistes Kunal Kapoor/ Rama, Gulshan Grover/ Ravana, Jimmy Shergill/ Laxman, Mouni Roy/ Sita specially Lilette Dubey/ Kaikahi lend credibility to characters and late Aadesh Shrivastava’s music combined with Javed Akhtar’s lyrics add to the story telling and ambiance.

Mahayoddha Rama packages delightful animations of fluttering butterflies, mountains, streams and animals, there are colorful gardens, magnificent palaces, demons and and forbidding forests. It is the bestplace for children to explore their imagination. Mahayoddha Rama is the best way parents can educate mythology to children and maybe discover stories they have long forgotten too.


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