Maharaja of Mastipur (Day 1495)

By 24 December, 2018Uncategorized

The Maharaja of Mastipur is not the regular king; this one is vibrant, energetic, and interactive and loves to play pranks on his subjects.

A theatre is a revered space for expression through storytelling. Storytellers generally use this space to deliver solemn messages clothed in genres covering the full range from comedy to tragedy. Guppy Theatre celebrates the space to break stereotypes in a different style and also expression.

Puppetry as an art form is about drama, but also a metaphor and abstraction. Nothing is entirely defined or real in the puppet world, which creates a safe and fantastical space that is also tactile and kinesthetic. Says Anurupa Roy, director of the show, “Unlike other puppet shows the puppeteer in our show is not hidden. In fact, the puppet and the puppeteer often become actors in the story – a meta-fictive approach that makes, not just the story but, the process of storytelling come to life. Rather than a single screen, the show features a dynamic stage with multiple projections on multiple shadow screens. The puppeteers wear large masks that increase their stage presence and help make their characters more engaging.”