Lockdown Day 3 – Day 1779

By 1 April, 2020Uncategorized

Lesson: Be positive

At the grocers there were many like me with long lists on a piece of paper and to most of the things asked, an over exhausted Chedda bhai shook his head and said “Sorry it is over”. When he finally focused attention to me, I was fortunate to cover most of the groceries on my list and I think this is only because my demand of quantity was lower.  When an older woman asked when will the new stock arrive, Chedda bhai stated a few days later adding with full confidence that corona virus is leaving the country in the next four days. How does the grocer know and how can he announce this so casually like he is the health minister?

On reaching home the security guard says people are unnecessarily panicking why must they worry when there is a prime minister to protect us, so many times  there have been threats of  flu and conjunctivitis but did  anything happen, nothing will happen to anybody so best is to enjoy life and not worry about the future.

Lesson of the day is to remain positive but not be over confident, we don’t have all the answers as yet and till then we need to wait and watch….