Life is like a tapestry (Day 1106)

Our life is like a tapestry that cannot be completed in one term. So we return again and again till every colour is painted in every motif fitted in. Once this tapestry is complete our work here is done.

With spiritual energy chaos becomes calm and calm becomes bliss!

Every time your brain remembers something bad, flush flush and your mental toilet is clean. Every time your heart is heavy with sadness, flush flush and all the negativity drains away. Every time your spleen curls up in anger, flush flush and all the poison is washed away.

When something bad happens and we ask ourselves, why we need to understand there are two primary reasons: The first is to enrich our experience. The second is to warn us to change course if we are headed in the wrong direction. Both are necessary reality checks to help us find our way through the labyrinth of life.

Every time life falls into a groove and things become predictable and cozy it is a sign that change is around the corner to shake us out of our comfort zone.

(Courtesy: Hay House Publishers India

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