What is life? (Day 1107)

By 5 June, 2017Event

I recently attended a three-day workshop conducted by a life coach called Farhat Gupta who lives in my neighbourhood. It was an interesting experience to first understand the meaning of a Life Coach and then to submit to the experience.

Initially, all of us were terribly self-conscious but Farhat dropped our defences by engaging us in self-searching exercises that instantly changed our mood and drop our guards. The reason we were here was to seek answers to our conflicts. She said she cannot help us solve the conflicts but she can help us find our individual paths.

The session began with a few one-to-one questions after which all of us had to write our own perceptions. I am not sure what others wrote in their notebooks but my ramblings read something like this…


Submission is acceptance. Acceptance is affection. Affection is trust. Trust is security. Security is reassurance. Reassurance is happiness. Happiness is peaceful. Peace is state of mind. State of mind is self-created. Self can adjust to change/ circumstances/ people/time and find harmony.

If you are looking for an evolving experience, I recommend a workshop with Life Coach Farhat Gupta 9820089394/ farhatgupta@gmail.com.

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