#LettersToMother/ Part 3 – Day 1831

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Year: 2014
#lLettersToMother/ Part 3
Location: Bhaidas Auditorium, Mumbai
There is a lot of excitement outside and inside the auditorium because Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Gujarat is attending the Image book event. The program begins on time and after a long round of speeches, it is finally time for Modi to speak.
He jokes that the book would not have been possible without the combined efforts of two persuasive people, the first who saved the pages of a diary destined to turn into flames and the second, poet Suresh Dalal who did not give up on his idea.
I remember the evening clearly because I am in the auditorium, a special invitee from Suresh Dalal and sitting in the hall that day, listening to so many stories, I had no idea that one day, I was going to translate the same book into English but I guess that’s the beauty of life, it is full of surprises.
To be continued1h

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