Keshav’s last destination – Day 1658

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I am Peepala.

In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says, among the trees I am Ashwatha …

I am the beholder of the Trimurti.

Lord Brahma is my roots.

Lord Vishnu my trunk and Lord Shiva my leaves.


I have witnessed the birth of Vishnu…

I have multiple names but I am usually recognised by my shape and size.

I am large; my bark is grey, peeled in patches.

My leaves are heart-shaped with tapering tips and my fruit is purple when ripe.

The slightest breeze makes me rustle.


I have witnessed…

The final journey, samadhi of Sri Krishna… after a hunter called Zaara, mistaking him for a deer, shot him with an arrow.

I am as old as the deities.


I am Ashwatha.

I am custom.

I am ritual.

I am the king of trees!

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