Keshav created Kamadhenu – Day 1656

By 25 September, 2019Uncategorized

I am Asmita.

I am Kamadhenu.

It is said that I stood on my four feet in Satyug

Three feet in Tretayug

Two feet during the Dwaparyug

And only one leg during Kalyug.


I have toiled, tilled and ploughed the farmer’s fields. I have dragged and pulled his vendor’s carts.

I have spread my dung on the village homes so that they kept warm.

I am fuel.

I am fertiliser.

I am the milk cow.

I am Asaghyna.


I am mother.

I am Goddess.

In Vedas the cow is also known as Asaghyna.

It means inviolable.

Ahi means not to be killed.

Aditi means not to be slaughtered.

I am Sunanda.


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