Karwanda & Sunshine (Day 1130)

It is still raining and we don’t want to be stuck in Ganeshpuri forever so have a quick cup of coffee with meduvadas in the local canteen of the temple supervised by my friend and get ready for our return journey.

On our drive back my friends fill me with more stories about Baba Nityanand and his miracles. It is all so fascinating and to think that their guru was alive a few decades ago and my friend and his siblings have played in his lap, walked around Ganespuri holding his hand as little children.

21367907It is still raining but not pouring like in the morning and floods have cleared all the way. We feel gratitude for making it to our destination without hurdles. I have come to realise that blockages come into our lives to teach all of us a lesson.  They come to test our endurance and we must not fail in our patience! If we hold faith and walk the path we set for, the blockages dissolve with time and new opportunities surface, if we lose faith, we lose opportunities.

14.fWith time I have learnt that what we often describe as destiny is actually self-created.  We are responsible for every experience in our life, for instance, my friends and I could have been intimidated by the floods and changed our plan, we didn’t and went head on for an experience!

(To be continued)

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