I am Viuushnupriya (Day 1359)

By 21 June, 2018Uncategorized

There is an interesting story about my past. When I left my physical body and assumed a celestial form, I was transported to Vaikuntha. There, I resided in the heart of Lord Vishnu, close to Goddess Lakshmi, one of the Lord’s wives. The Lord duly honoured me, elevating me to the rank of his spouse and I felt very nurtured and blessed.

Goddess Saraswati however was not pleased with the importance Lord Vishnu accorded me and made her displeasure apparent.  Offended by her behaviour, I disappeared from the Heavenly abode.  Lord Vishnu, not finding me in Heaven went desperately searching for me everywhere till he was exhausted and stopped in a forest to rest for a while.

At a little distance he spotted a pond and decided to bathe and offer his prayers. Next, he meditated on me with extreme devotion. So intense were his prayers, that I could no more curb my longing for him and lured out of the bushes, fell at my Lord’s feet. He clasped me to his breast and carried me with him to Goddess Saraswati. He reconciled our differences and in the presence of all he declared that henceforth he will carry me with him forever, on his head and at his feet there will be Tulsi forever.

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