I am Tulsi (Day 1358)

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Legend has it that I was planted on the bank of river Gomati and tended by Krishna himself. Krishna in Vrindavan served me for the good of the world and the gopis, for the progress of Gokula, and for Kamsa’s death.

The Puranas prescribe to the theory that I was planted on the order of Vashishta by Lord Rama. He planted me on the bank of the river Sarayu for killing the demons.  I was pre-planted for progress in penance.

Devi Sita when abducted by Ravana meditated on me in Sri Lanka and was united with her Lord.

Goddess Parvati planted me in the Himalayas to increase her penance and to gain Lord Shankara as her consort. I am bound to serve others but blessed to be served by the wives of the Gods for the destruction of evil dreams.

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