I am Tapinjha (Day 1358)

I am connected to the moon; I am connected to the clouds, to the rains….Nobody clearly remembers how I came into existence many, many centuries ago but there are many fascinating tales.

I am told I was the vehicle of Lord Kartikeya, the God of war. I am told that Kartikeya split the demon king, Surapadman into two and converted the two parts into an integral part of him, one manifesting into a peacock, his mount, and another, a rooster adorning his flag.

In the coming yug I was transformed into the crown of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, the reason he is addressed as Mayur Pankhi. I am privileged that Lord Krishna forever wears my feather in his crown and is associated with my name, Mormukatdhari. I have never told this to him but I truly believe that my feather adds splendour to his persona. There is nobody as magnificent as him.


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वेणीमूले विरचित घनश्यामपिञ्छावचूडो

विद्युल्लेखावलयित इव स्निग्धपीतांबरेण।


स्वप्ने दृष्टस्तरुणतुलसीभूषणो नीलमेघः ॥२.७॥

Next week I introduce to a new character of the book