I am melody (Day 1343)

I am feelings.

Created with feelings…

Played with feelings…

I am easy to hurt and easy to break.

My Lord Krishna knew this and preserved me, wrapped in silk and tucked in his waistband, and protected from sun and rain. He knew I was cold in the winter, that I expanded unevenly and often cracked, unable to bear the wind and so, always wrapped me in his shawl.

He knew I am fragile and guarded me in diverse climate, oiled me in the night to keep me strong and sturdy. I have memories of the warm mustard oil served by Yashoda maa at night, tenderly massaged by my Lord before he rested me to sleep beside him.

Sometimes, Kaanha’s sakhas wanted to pamper me and soaked me in linseed and walnut oil but they were not as well versed in the delicate process as my Lord, and this often had adverse effects. They were unaware that my threads and the blowing hole had to remain dry and in their ignorance, caused me harm. My Lord was worried because after that I lost my voice for a few days.


Next week I introduce to a new character of the book