I am life (Day 1363)

By 27 June, 2018Uncategorized

There are so many tales…So many legends…

I am Kamadhenu, symbol of the earth.

I represent life.

I am worshipped, garlanded on festivals. I am largely depicted as white cow with a female head and breasts.

Some say I am the daughter of Lord Daksha, some believe I am the wife of sage Kashyapa.

Some say I was in the possession of Sage Jamadagni  and the enemy kings tried to steal me from him.

In the epic Ramayana, it is said that I was given as dowry to Goddess Sita when she married Lord Rama and I travelled with my siblings to her new home in Ayodhya.

In the Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitama declared me as the mother of the world.

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