I am Katambu (Day 1348)

By 6 June, 2018Books

I am Karam.

I am mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana.

While every tree associated with Lord Krishna is precious and documented as some art form, I am fortunate that poets like Jaydeva’s Geet Govinda have dedicated verses to me. I am fortunate that many performing artistess have paid tributes in immortal images to me.

In North India, I am synonymous with Lord Krishna, some address me as my Lord’s sakha, while others describe me as his avatar.

Down South I am referred to as the Parvati’s tree and in some regions as Rohini’s tree. While the Radha-Krishna romance beneath Kadamba is legendary, it is believed that in the Sangam period of Tamil NaduMurugan of Tirupparankundram Hill of Madurai was referred to as a centre of nature worship because Murugan in the form of a spear is placed under me, a Kadamba tree.

So many stories, so many interpretations…

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To be continued