I am Haripriya (Day 1357)

By 19 June, 2018Uncategorized

Sometimes I am worshipped as a mother. They address me as Tulsi-mata. I symbolise the perfect householder who assures domestic bliss. Hindus revere me for my holiness. It is because the Lord averred that among plants, He was Tulsi. So along with river Yamuna and mountain Govardhan, I am omnipresent in the spiritual world.

It is my honour to occupy space at my Lord’s feet, my privilege to adorn his neck with a garland of leaves.

He may never say it to me in so many words but I know that I am very, very dear to my Lord…perhaps more than even Goddess Lakshmi.

My attachment to my Lord culminates in a moment of ecstasy on the eleventh bright day of the month of Kartika when Lord Vishnu, the Protector, the Preserver, and one among the Trimurti along with Lord Brahma, the Creator and Shiva, the Destroyer, concedes to marry me.


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