I am divinity (Day 1356)

By 18 June, 2018Uncategorized

The divine Tulsi is incomparable.

One that gives pleasure to the Gods: Devadundubhi

My devotees swear by my powerful presence. They have heard about what transpired in the Heavens several centuries ago.

One day, when Lord Krishna’s youngest queen Satyabhama decided to weigh her husband in gold, all her wealth and ornaments could not tilt the scale. But then his older queen Rukmini Devi arrived with a plateful of my leaves. Older and wiser, she placed just a single leaf on the pan and the scale tilted—much to Satyabhama’s astonishment!

Satyabhama questioned how could I be so precious and Rukmini Devi answered, “Because Lord Krishna so desired.”

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