I am Chandrak, I am Peacock (Day 1357)

I am recognized as much for my beauty as for my vocals. I sing to attract peahens. I sing when I am mating, I sing just when I am about to mate, I sing during copulation, and I sing post mating. I sing because I like singing and because I love my voice.

I like dancing too and prance in the gardens when I am rejoicing or when I sense a climate change. I am attracted to the skyline, drawn to the clouds, and love the rains. When I dance I am joined by my friends and poets wait in the dark to watch the celebration.  That is how so many songs and verses have been written about us.

I reside in the forest amidst lush trees. I love the density and the quietude around me. I tread softly on the grass and pluck on the plants, sometimes flower petals, seed heads, insects, and whatever I find and I believe they like me to hover around them. I go searching for food at dawn or at dusk and stroll around leisurely until I am satiated and only then do I retreat to my shade and security.


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To be continued