I am Bansuri (Day 1361)

I was discovered amidst nature, created from a bamboo, and nourished in natural surroundings.

That is why every time I open my heart to express, flowers bloom, birds sing, and the skyline changes colours.

Legend has it that Lord Krishna would stroll every evening into the forest to communicate with the trees. He loved them and never failed to express his affection to all the branches and all the leaves. The trees adored him and every time he walked into the forest, they blossomed in his presence.


“The secret perhaps is in submission…If you submit to the sound of the flute, to the Lord, you’ll be drawn into the fragrance of the melody and maybe then, you will not find me invasive…”

In his discourse to his devotees, Sri Krishna emphasises the importance of the flute and draws similarities with human life. He explains that in the human body as in the flute, there are eight main spots: The five organs of perception, mind, intellect, and ego.


If you get rid of your ego and become like a hollow reed flute, then the Lord will come to you, pick you up, place you on his lips, and breathe through you… Then out of the hollowness of your heart he will create a captivating melody and consume you in his fragrance for eternity.


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To be continued