I am Baashi (Day 1362)

I look simple but I am intricate and demanding.

I call for diligence, for a method and appropriate measures failing which I cannot deliver melody. The positioning of the finger holes is calculated by measuring the bamboo shaft’s inner and outer diameters.

There is a formula in creating me. It is a special skill and this has to be intuitive, it cannot be taught or mentored.

The biggest challenge in structuring me is that I don’t give my creator a second chance. The flute maker has only one chance to burn my holes and a single mistake in calculation will ruin me forever.  He knows this and is careful to initiate a small hole, he then plays the note using a chromatic tuner and a drone called tanpura and gradually, bit by bit, with focused trial and adjustments, he invents a melody by sanding the holes in small increments.


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To be continued