I am Asmita (Day 1362)

By 26 June, 2018Uncategorized

I am amongst the earliest animals on the planet….

I have witnessed what the Hindus describe Satyug as the golden age when India symbolised prosperity and abundance. I have experienced peace, divinity, and worship and this is because all the gods and the goddesses reside within me.

Legend says I emerged from the ocean of milk at the time of the Samudramanthana, churning of the ocean, by the gods and demons.

Legend says I was presented to the seven sages, and in the course of time, came into the custody of Sage Vashishta.

Legend also states that Lord Brahma created the cow and the priest at the same time so that both could aid each other in worship. The priests could recite scriptures while the cow would be productive in her offerings of clarified butter during the rituals.

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