I am Annamayi, I am Arju (Day 1355)

By 22 May, 2018Books

The Congo peacocks display their tails during courtship. Their feathers are comparatively shorter and their colours don’t sparkle in the way I shine when I dance in the sun.

I am attractive and I know it, I am aware that my beauty casts a spell around me and I enjoy flaunting my long tail quill feathers whenever I have an audience because I love being watched.

My counterpart, the peahen, is not as boastful as me and it is also because her plumage is not as radiant as mine and her colours, a mixture of dull grey, brown, and green can never have the effect I have on my surrounding. She accepts my superiority and shies away from attention. She hides when she is being watched and the only time she displays her plumage is to ward off female competition or to signal danger to her young ones.

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To be continued