Gramophone Club (DAY 1053)

By 20 March, 2017Event

For a long time now the senior citizens in Ahmedabad are addicted to their favorite and also very popular Gramophone Club dedicated to Retro music. It is said there is along, waiting period before one can find membership to this Club of 2500 members and which explains why they require the biggest auditorium in the city to host their show.

There are approximately five programs and the venue is the pride of Gujarat, GMDC Hall where new performing artiste, singers and musicians are invited from all over the country. Sometimes they invite actors to be in conversation with the anchor and the program becomes all the more interesting. Their shows usually begin at 8:30 in the evenings and continue post-midnight.

The event always opens with the chief guest starting the gramophone and the record playing ‘Abhi toh main jjawan hoon…

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