Goodbye Soumitra Chatterjee – Day 1906

By 16 November, 2020Uncategorized

Amidst the lights and the revelry of the Diwali festival, a sparkling star of Bengal cinema made a quiet exit and his presence will be missed not just in Kolkatta but all over India, how do we remember him as the dreamer of Apur Sansar or the charismatic Amal of Charulata? The detective of Sonar Kella or the romantic of Basanta Bilap? So many roles, so many decades, so many facets to a personality. Some know him as a poet, some as an elocution artist, some as a painter and some as an indefatigable writer. He is perhaps the only actor who has published volumes, worked in over 300 films and that includes the genius Satyajit Ray. Good bye Soumitra Chatterjee, Ray will be happy to be united with you in paradise.