Goodbye Irrfan Khan Part 4 – Day 1806

During the promotion of Pikku Irrfan Khan could not make it to our studio for an interview the day #DeepikaPadukone and #ShoojitSircar were scheduled to arrive. He was stuck somewhere and deeply regretted missing out on the joint conversation but he made sure to seek another appointment and arrived dressed like a superstar in a blazer.
Irrfan Khan is probably one of the few actors who enjoys discussing movies rather than just his own performance. He spent major part of the afternoon discussing Shoojit Sircar, Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan rather than himself.
He had terrific insights into them as individuals and actors, said Deepika was blossoming as an actor every day on the sets. He and was amazed by Amitabh Bachchan’s energy and enthusiasm for his character after so many years of acting and surprised how hard Bachchan worked for every shot and scene, seldom satisfied with himself. ‘Amitji is like a theatre actor, he revises and re-revises his lines, till he has mastered every word and made it his own’.
Irrfan shared that for the disagreement scene on the highway, director ShoojitSircar left it to the trio to take it as they want, ‘There was no scripted scene and no instructions, so Amitji, Deepika and I just followed our instinct and reacted to each other but it worked!’ Later Irrfan asked Bachchan to analyze his responses but Bachchan and no answer, nor did Deepika.
‘Cinema is magic’ said Irrfan, ‘and when you are working with the best you don’t want the magic to ever end.…’ To be continued