Ganesha bids goodbye (Day 1170)

By 5 September, 2017Uncategorized

As the day of his departure gets closer you are not the only one who is sad. The deity is as depressed about leaving you… On the final day after the final aarti the idol is carried around the house to ensure that he blesses every nook and corner, at the door every family member whispers his wish to him and has faith that he will fulfill them the following year.

ganesh-immersions_650x400_81473937059There is one more aarti at the spot of visarjan after which Ganpati accompanied by his potli of wishes is immersed inside the pond. Here are some of the unforgettable images…. You always feel heavy hearted when you return home after immersing the deity into the sea. His august presence is strongly missed but that is life and Lord Ganpati teaches you that life must go on…