Finding Deepika (Day 1487)

By 6 December, 2018Uncategorized

In a morning daily Deepika spoke about going through severe depression, about seeking a counselor. Everyone was astounded.  Her rivals called it a publicity stunt, and some said she was the face to advocate Mental Health issues. I don’t think it was a publicity stunt and even if she was paid to create awareness for Mental Health it is a courageous gesture that needs to be applauded.

Success numbs all perceptions and Deepika was at a point in her career when she could do no wrong. In 2014 came Finding Fanny and in 2015 another path-breaking film Pikku.

Suddenly, it was not just her fans and the media but the entire film fraternity who was reacting to Deepika Padukone. I remember meeting Rakesh Roshan at a party and he could not stop talking about her in Pikku. The overwhelming reactions from all over had kind of numbed her and a breakdown was inevitable.


To be continued…