Film hero emulates the deity – Day 1912

By 27 November, 2020Uncategorized

The Saviour: Lord Krishna saved Gokul from Kalianaag, infants from Puthna, his own life from mama Kansa, childhood friend Sudama from poverty and sister Draupadi from disrobing, our virile heroes are forever rescuing their sister, bhabhi, mother and beloved from physical and emotional abuse. Their presence in the film is to play the ultimate saviour.

The Karmic: Sri Krishna recalls all his previous births; he remembers breaking the bow as Lord Ram, he is intuitive and senses his surroundings, a facet frequently explored in stories on reincarnation be it Dilip Kumar/Madhumati, Sunil Dutt/Milan or Shah Rukh -Salman Khan/Karan Arjun.